Staking Rewards

Throughout your Staking duration, you will earn a dynamic APY through $Array's Emissions. The tokens are locked for a duration of 24 hours before they can be redeemed, however, you can claim your earned rewards immediately.

Tier System - Guaranteed Allocation

Our Staking Mechanisms ensures fairness in allocating IDO tokens so that all participants can acquire them with ease without a single party fetching a high percentage of supply, preventing the system from being gamed and increasing the value of $Array tokens.

Users are eligible to enter an IDO only if they have staked a minimum of 40 $Array. Your IDO Sale allocation will depend on the weighting of the tier you are staked in.

Tokens must be staked at least 24 hours before the IDO takes place.

The below Minimum Token requirements will increase inline with $Array's IDO vesting schedule to finally reach 800, 8000, 40,000 and 80,000.

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