What kind of projects will Array host?

Array will exclusively host Arbitrum & zkSync native #RealYield projects with sustainable revenue models.

How safe are Array's launches?

All of Array's launches are KYC'ed, Multi-sigged & Audited. We try our best to guarantee safe investments but are not liable for any hacks or malicious activity outside of our control. Read our Terms & Conditions here.

How do I participate in IDOs?

For $Array's own token IDO, there are no staking requirements. For subsequent project IDO's you must be staked 24 hours before the IDO begins. Read our 'Participating in an IDO' section.

Are there Participation limits?

Participation allocation of users are decided by the staking allocation weight pools. The more you stake the more you can invest in our IDO's.

When will I receive the project tokens after the IDO?

Each project TGE date & Vesting schedule is unique, all dates are mentioned in the IDO Pages.

What is the launch price premium?

We aim for a 20% launch price premium at TGE, but that is up to the team's final discretion.

How do I apply as project for IDO?

Visit the Apply for IDO page.

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