Participating in IDO's

None of the steps below are required to participate in Array's own IDO on the 15th of April. Just connect your wallet and participate in the sale with ETH on Arbitrum.

Purchase $Array

Whether through the Token Presale or DEX, you first have to own the minimum required amount of $Array tokens stated in the 'Staking' page. (Make sure you have the contract address added into your wallet to see the tokens)


Now stake $Array Tokens in your choice of Tier. You will receive IDO allocations based on your weighting for your specific tier. You must be staked 24 hours before the next IDO begins or you will not be allowed to participate.

If you wish to withdraw your staked Tokens, you have to wait until the 30 days timer is over before unstaking. As for the earned staking rewards, you can always withdraw them at any time.


When a new IDO sale is announced, visit the IDO Sale page to view the allocated maximum amount of tokens that you can buy.

First Come First Serve (FCFS)

Before the duration of the sale ends; there will be a 2 hour sale window where the remainder of the unsold tokens (if any) will be sold in a first come first serve basis. There will however will be a Max & Min limit per unique wallet address.


Once the IDO is finished, claim your tokens on the scheduled TGE & Vesting days from the same page.

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