What is Array?

Array is a #RealYield Launchpad Integrated DEX & Venture Fund that enables projects to raise capital in a decentralized and permissionless environment on Arbitrum and zkSync. With Array, projects will be able to raise and exchange capital through our fully integrated DEX.

Our Technology


Array offers Arbitrums and zkSync's first treble Launchpad, DEX & NFT's Ecosystem.

Protocol Model

Through our innovative financial model, we generate value for Array's users through buybacks powered by our Launch Fees, DEX LP Fees & Venture Fund returns. The protocol remains safe and sustainable with a Multi-sigged Treasury Fund.


Participate in Array's safe #RealYield launches. Guaranteed pool-weighted allocation.

Staking Tiers

Earn dynamic APY through $Array's emissions while you wait for our next IDO projects.


Manage your Digital Assets and Earn LP Fees while you trade Array's IDO tokens with limit orders on our Integrated DEX powered by Kromatika Finance.


Array’s DEX will feature a farm section for selected tokens & pairs for users to earn rewards for providing liquidity. Dual farms are also available which will allow to reward $Array as well as project tokens to a specific pool.

The future is decentralized. The future is interoperable. The future is Array.

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